Enough is Enough

A documentary film project about the lives of two families and how a tornado of drug addiction left a trail of wreckage and pain. Watch us on Kickstarter or view the extended trailer here.

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About the project

I am making a documentary about two families whose lives have been devastated by drugs and alcohol. These people’s stories are amazing and need to be told. My film project is focused especially on the family’s perspective and reaction in the wake of the devastating illness of addiction. When I met these families, I was touched by both their pain and strength. I realized when dealing with the human mind, solutions to these complex problems are not simple. Nowadays, a 14 year old can look and seem quite grown up. We don’t always remember they really are just 14 years old and their brain will not be fully developed until they are in their early to mid 20s. This film endeavors to explore these facts from a human experiential perspective. It reveals the important realities that we face through the stories of real people – and is supported with information from ER doctors, kids, educators and interventionists. I explore the relationships within these families and how they have faced their circumstances with a loved one consumed by drug or alcohol usage. Through this film I hope people’s hearts can be moved and inspired. My goal is to portray this whole reality in a unique and human manner.